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Sources on Education in transformation

  • Founded by educator philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, in 1969, Brockwood Park School is an international boarding school for 14-19 year olds, in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. It provides an holistic education for around 75 students and is the only school of its kind in Europe.
  • Haïti Futur is a Franco-Haitian association which aims to develop quality education and promote entrepreneurship in Haiti, while promoting Haitian culture.
  • The Harlem Children’s Zone has always been driven by the belief that the success of our children and the strength of the community go hand in hand.  Their needs are inseparable and must be addressed together in order to break the cycle of generational poverty and give our kids a real shot at the American dream.
  • HundrED. In a fast-changing world, education must adapt to help children thrive. The world is full of inspiring innovations, but they can struggle to spread beyond their immediate environments. That’s why HundrED identifies impactful and scalable K12 innovations and helps them spread.
  • Innovating pedagogy:
  • Khan Academy: “We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”.
  • Leadership for Flourishing in Educational Contexts. Edited by Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Sabre Cherkowski, Keith D. Walker.

Contact : Sean Lafleur
  • MUSE School, “Inspiring and preparing young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet”. Located in Malibu Canyon between Malibu and Calabasas, California.
  • Peter Senge, Schools That Learn: A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents and Everyone Who Cares About Education, 2012;
  • RTI – Lecture pour tous (Reading for all). Mamadou Diagne: She is part of Lecture Pour Tous, a program aimed at improving basic reading skills in six regions of Senegal. It deploys a structured approach to learning that uses specially developed materials, regular assessments and training and coaching for teachers.

One success is Pratham, a non-profit active in India which has long championed an approach to learning improvement — “teaching at the right level” — now being explored elsewhere. It deploys simple, rapid and regular assessments of every child’s progress, coupled with structured pedagogical techniques to help teachers ensure children can master reading.

“Once you can read with some understanding you can propel yourself,” says Rukmini Banerji, Pratham’s chief executive. “You can’t do maths, science or even follow [furniture assembly] instructions unless you can read.” 

Contact : Ben Piper at RTI

  • Swaraj University, in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. “The focus of the program is on self-designed learning and on green entrepreneurship, including exploration of basic business skills within the context of ecological sustainability and social justice”.
  • Team Academy. We coach educators to become team coaches. This is done by training them to use the original, award-winning Tiimiakatemia team coaching methodology. It has roots in Finnish education and in the past decades it has spread all over the world. In our coaching programs our clients learn team coaching philosophy and methodology. This makes their organizations to become true, team-based places of learning.
  • uLesson appears to be some kind of future for learning in Africa. “Leverages best-in-class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for learners. We have built a platform that helps students be the very best they can be – an app that allows them to maximize their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects. Our team of passionate and talented people have together built a learning experience unprecedented in richness, scope, interactivity and effectiveness”.

Sources on Support to society and life transformation

  • Global Social Leaders. Global Social Leaders was created in 2011 by Future Foundations and Wellington Leadership Institute.  Both organisations have extensive experience, credentials and awards for their work with young people, leadership, and character building. We are proud members of Future Group, a collection of organisations seeking to achieve positive change. Future Foundations is the leading provider of personal, leadership and academic development programmes for young people. Future Foundations (FF) mission is to inspire young people to achieve their full potential. FFs vision is a society where all organisations are led by socially conscious people, with every young person making the transition into adulthood with the foundations they need for their future.
  • The Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) Programme is a 10-month transformational masters programme in Karlskrona, Sweden that focuses on advancing students’ knowledge, skills, and global networks, in order to build their capacity to be strategic leaders in the co-creation of thriving, sustainable societies.

Words from Göran Carstadt: The programme, that I was part of designing, combines the rigorous scientific framework from The Natural Step and the SOL framework on organizational learning and transformational change. It has run for 16 years with over 700 students from more than 80 countries. Every year, there is an ambitious group of 40-50 young talented people, 25-40 years old, that spend a year in Karlskrona, for a life changing learning experience.

I meet them two times for 2 days, during their year in Karlskrona and I meet them wherever I travel in the world. It has become an amazing group of sustainability ambassadors.  The program had to be cancelled last year due to Covid. The year in Karlskrona and the physical presence of the 40-50 students from all around the world, living close together, is so crucial for their learning experience, that a digital option was not relevant. The program has restarted again this year. MSLS has, I am proud to say, become a world class master program respected in the world of progressive education thinkers and leading systems thinkers.

  • Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.
  • Leaders. Adam Kahane. Antonio Damasio. Greta Thunberg, Marie-Eve Marchand, Otto Scharmer, Wendy Palmer, David Kantor, … 


Sources on Education in transformation

  • At the heart of an industrial region, E # T Institute is a federation of public and private actors who run the International Learning Resource Village (“VRAI”). At the initiative of the Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications (CMQ) Innovative and Performing Technological Industry (ITIP), this new place of learning welcomes learners and resources and is located on the university campus of Le Creusot (France).
  • Ecole 42 is a future-proof computer science training to educate the next generation of software engineers. The 42 program takes a project-based approach to progress and is designed to develop technical and people skills that match the expectations of the labor market. 42’s position is unique in the world of higher education: it is based on the strong value of a sustainable professional integration in the labor market.
  • IFF Europe, in Angers (center of France). “A program to choose your life orientations and give meaning to your life”.
  • Living School: “A « school in service to life » created to foster, through education and training, the emergence of responsible and fulfilled citizens into the world, contributors to a true evolution of humanity, by:
    • allowing children to accomplish their academic learning in accordance with the French National Education Program in a positive and stimulating climate,
    • all while developing their self-confidence, their independence and autonomy, their sense of responsibility and their capacity to contribute to our society and to the world in a positive way.

Our wish is to present a new way of educating in France and in the world, one that fosters the growth of new ethical leaders, creators of quality for our society and for the world. To do this, we hope to create 150 schools in 20 years in France and throughout the world”.

Sources on Support to society and life transformation

  • The Campus de la Transition (leader Cécile Renouard) is a place of teaching, research and experimentation created in 2018 by a collective of teacher-researchers, entrepreneurs and students united by a common desire: Promote an ecological, economic and humanist transition, on the scale of the challenges that are shaking up our century. The Campus de la Transition is radically innovating in the content of its teaching, but also in the way it is taught. The learner’s experience continues well beyond the threshold of the “amphitheater”. The challenges of an ecological transition concern our heads as much as our hearts and bodies.
  • The Climate Fresk project. “Since the end of 2018, the association La Fresque du Climat has been working to engage all individuals and organizations in the transition, by allowing the rapid dissemination of a shared understanding of the challenge of climate change. We carry out this educational and awareness-raising mission for all audiences, in France and in more than 40 countries. The effectiveness of this educational tool and its license to use have facilitated its exponential distribution, with a doubling of the number of people sensitized every 5 months.”
  • The Colibris movement supports citizens who act together to create a more ecological and united way of life in their neighborhoods, cities and regions. The transformation of our societies requires local collective action.
  • Diplôme universitaire Intelligence Collective, Cergy Paris University. « This program is based on the synergy between four structuring and recognized trends of collective interventions (Facilitation, Agility, Coaching, Collaborative Design) integrated in a more global perspective of the development of Collective Intelligence. Each course is based above all on putting it into practice to develop concrete skills and link them with conceptual benchmarks”.
  • Happymorphose. Irène Dupoux-Couturier. Our civilization is undergoing a major change on a planetary scale. For more than 50 years, the work of the anthropo-sociologist Alain de Vulpian and his teams has been making possible to observe the rise of a living and complex society, perhaps a new era in the history of humanity. It is a metamorphosis. We are probably at a fork in the road where different paths are opening up, the one towards a society dominated by oligarchs and robots, the one towards a living, humanistic and creative society.
  • IHEST – Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie. Creates a space-forum for science-society debate on emerging global challenges.
  • SOL France. For more than 20 years, SoL France has been working in the field of organizational learning. Through its research and actions, it cultivates the energy to learn and act together, at the service of people and organizations, committed to sustainable and conscious development of society.
  • Ticket for Change‘s mission is to help each young person to reveal their potential and activate their talents in the service of society. Since 2014 it has been our mission, to activate talents to help solve our major social and environmental problems:
    • Accelerate the ecological transition;
    • Eradicate all forms of social exclusion;
    • Develop individual capacities.
  • Time for the planet. We are the last generation that can do something regarding climate change. We are fundraising 1 billion euros to create 100 companies fighting against global warming. The world is defined by the way we make use of our money. We are a nonprofit company that creates and finances companies fighting against climate change at a global scale.
  • Leaders. Pierre Giorgini. Patrick Viveret. Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld. Jean-Marc Jancovici. Edgar Morin. Emmanuel Faber. Jo Spiegel. Cyril Dion. Alain Berthoz. Gaël Giraud. Pierre Rosanvallon. Sylvain Breuzard. Chantal Jouanno. Benjamin Coriat, Dominique Bourg, Cynthia Fleury, Philippe Meirieu, Bénédicte Manier…