Les jeunes, moteurs de transformation

Au SOL GLOBAL FORUM à Paris en mai 2014, un groupe de jeunes a proposé « 10 commandements pour la métamorphose » et rencontré l’enthousiasme des 450 participants présents.

  1. Everyday is a new day: Life like an experiment. It’s too late to be pessimistic. How positive we are on a day to day basis will affect our work.
  2. Sustainability
  3. Multiculturality
  4. Education
  5. Technology: Through technology power has been socialized. But unfortunately it has not majored the wealth across the world. Find the balance between humanity and technology. These days we are using technology to chatt with our friends but…
  6. Lean Process: Ideas have no values if they are not tested. We work, implement, continue.
  7. Engagement
  8. Commitment to values: We start working without being… by a specific outcome, but be opened to what can emerge.
  9. Community and networks
  10. Hip & cool ! When we create it needs to be cool !


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